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Crown Point, Indiana  -  3/20/21

First show of the year for us!  Bianca's litter was just 5 days old so I knew that she was coming with to the show.  This would be Bjorn's first time in public and I was a little nervous for the safety of the judges.  Normally we show them as kittens when they are easier to handle, much easier than a 10mth old 14 pounder. No fear!  He was a champ, literally, he got his Champion status at this show.  One day show, 8 arenas.   By the end he was taking it all in as a normal day.  There were some very nice new Coonies out there showing for the first time.  This year is going to be some tough competition!  It all goes so fast, but by Sunday I was ready to head home and I think Bjorn was too.


Crown Point - Indiana  3/14/20

Packed the girls up and headed to Crown Point for a 1 day ACFA show.  One day shows are always tiring as we try to cram two days into one, 4 arenas in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.  That's 8 arenas in one day and if you do well and are selected for the final in your class that could potentially be 16 arenas in one day!!  Oh my!  This would be Bianca's first show as a kitten and Vanessa's first as an adult.  We prayed for good weather as we headed north.  At the hotel met up with other friends.  I'm amazed at the distances that some drive to compete in these shows, some over 10 hrs from all over the US.  On Saturday Ms. Vanessa, my social butterfly was right at home at the show hall.  Bianca did surprisingly well for her first time in a busy arena being handled by so many strangers.  At the end of the day, my little Bianca had placed in all 8 classes and in every final!  Her ribbon runneth over!  Ms. Vanessa did well against some very tough competition, she even placed in a final.   By the end of the day, these girls were pooped and very happy to get back to the hotel.  I'm very proud of them both!  They will be excellent Queen's one day.  

Vanessa 3.jpg
Bianca best picture.jpg
Bianca best kitten.jpg

Jaynesville, WI -  11/4/19

What  a busy weekend!  Spent at the Jaynesville, WI show.  Salvi was a trooper, 6hrs to Iowa staying the night then another 5hrs to Wisconsin.  It was an extremely full house with some very tough competition, 16 adult Maine Coons, 6 judges in 6 rings.  The first ring was great, Salvi pulled away with a win and first best of color.  Things started off well!  But it was tiring and by the 6th ring our fur friends were telling us it was time for a "cat nap".  We ended the show with 6 wins, 1 best of color and (5) 2nd best of colors.  We also came home with "Vanessa", our newest addition to CR Maines.  Our pretty little brown patched tabby and white.  Special thanks to Psycatics for letting us adopt this beautiful girl!