The excitement of the holiday's are over and with the anticipated arrival of the Fed X guy ending in disappointment the coonies are left to find other ways to amuse themselves.  Thank goodness Santa brought that amazing bot vacuum!  They sit huddled around the docking station waiting for Vanessa to turn it on.  So, as I sit at my desk I get to listen to them turning it on and off over and over again, it's magical...

We do have exciting news, Ms. Lindy is pregnant and probably not nearly as excited as I am.  We can expect a litter in mid February.   She becomes more loving around this time and can be found most days lounging on the sofa.  Her expressions are priceless!  


And, lastly stay tuned for some really exciting news later in February as we anxiously welcome our newest family member from Ukraine!  More announcements coming soon....



I promised that we would have exciting news in February!  After much planning and coordinating, we were finally on the road to Chicago O'Hare to pick up our newest little girl "Bianca".  She did not disappoint!  She came out of the carrier with such confidence and curiosity.  Loving and so personable, she was a beauty.  Aka "long tail"  she has quickly made herself at home and has become fast friends with Vanessa.  The two can be found most days chasing the BOT vacuum or laying in the window chattering at the birds.   Many thanks to Angelica Drotyanko of Argenta Pride for allowing me to bring this lovely girl to the U.S.


COVID 19 - We are complying with social distancing by staying home.  Although, I've realized that my life has changed very little.  I live in a very remote area, rarely go into town.  When not working spend my days with my Coons or riding horses, fishing or hiking.  My prayers each day are with those afflicted.  The kittens are a welcome distraction from the serious news.  They remind me that we have to keep looking forward with hope of the future.   They are growing so fast and developing all having their own distinct personalities.  These are the fun days, watching them growing into beautiful bundles of non-stop entertainment!


It has been awhile since I've posted anything to my blog.  You would think isolation would give a person a lot of time, "oh contrare".... Life has never been busier!  With the cancellation of shows for the remainder of the year, I've been focusing on my momma's and the kittens.  I've had a couple really good litters and really wish I could have showed these in kitten classes, but...  I will bring them out as adults next year and hopefully do well.  It has given me time to spend playing with the kittens and getting some crazy videos! I miss my other cat crazy friends and try to keep in touch by phone and internet.  I hope you all are finding things to amuse yourself and to stay busy! Be safe above all,,, God Bless!

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