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*Salvador - 4mos*

Photo Credit Kari Ochi Cattery in Ukraine



A Maine Coon will not fully mature until 4-5yrs of age. Initially you can expect the growth rate to be double of any domestic cat.  It is never possible to determine the adult size of a kitten.  These fast growing kittens require a good nutritious diet, clean water, and proper vet care.  During their growth you can expect several coat changes.  Fully mature Maine Coons develop that infamous physic and beautiful ruff (mane around the neck).  

CRMaines does not believe in declawing, this is the practice of removing a cats claws by cutting off the first knuckle. This became a popular practice to inhibit cats from sharpening their claws on furniture and other items.  With the correct  scratching posts and boards provided cats can be trained to use these tools instead.  Please take the time to read this informative link 

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