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"Salvi" is truly a gentle giant.  His laid back mannerisms, curious nature and charm are the very best example of a Maine Coon.  Imported from Ukraine, he has quickly adapted and has become a very important member of our family.

Sire:  Herkules Magnifico Galla

Dam:  ElitePlanet Margo


Nikolai 6.jpg

"Vanessa"  my social butterfly and cuddle bug! She comes from a very reputable, long time breeder of show quality MC's.  Very excited to have this little girl. Truly the ringleader and instigator of the bunch!..


Sire: QGC Psycatics Jaspurr

Dam: DCH Prairiebaby Elsa of Psychatics

*Bianca*   "aka, long tail"  She truly has the longest tail I've ever seen!  Beautiful conformation and curious nature.  Traveling all the way from the Ukraine, she is a wonderful addition to the cattery.  

Sire:  GICh. Magnetic Brian

Dam: IC Agusha Arcadia Pride

Bianca 4.jpg


"Claire" aka Care Bear has been retired and adopted by a family who owns her son.  Mother and son are reunited!

Luna nice picture.jpg


CR Maines newest Queen.  Born and raised here from Salvador and Bianca, this girl exceeded all my expectations.   Planned breeding Fall 2022 to Nikolai.

Retired Queens


*Retired and Adopted*

"Ribbon" This beautiful girl has retired and is residing with her new mom in Branson West!  

Sire:  Salvador Kari Ochi of CRMaines

Dam: Prairiebaby Belinda of CRMaines

"Belinda" has crossed the rainbow bridge.  Forever in our hearts!

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