"Salvi" is truly a gentle giant.  His laid back mannerisms, curious nature and charm are the very best example of a Maine Coon.  Imported from Russia, he has quickly adapted and has become a very important member of our family.

Sire:  Herkules Magnifico Galla

Dam:  ElitePlanet Margo

"Bjorn"  I should have named him "Bjorn the Great" because everything about him exudes royalty.  Endless personality!  Playful, loving and smart.  His favorite games are fetch and can be found most days rummaging in my office trash can for wadded up paper balls.  Chinchilla soft fur, large paws, lynx tips and tufts galore... and just look at the patina on those legs!

Sire: Salvador Kari Ochi of CRMaines

Dam: Psycatics Vanessa of CRMaines

"Vanessa" Our social butterfly and cuddle bug! She comes to us from a very reputable, long time breeder of show quality MC's.  Very excited to have this little girl.  

Sire: QGC Psycatics Jaspurr

Dam: DCH Prairiebaby Elsa of Psychatics

*Bianca*   "aka, long tail"  She truly has the longest tail I've ever seen!  Beautiful conformation and curious nature.  She comes to us from "Ukraine" and is a wonderful addition to our cattery.

Sire:  GICh. Magnetic Brian

Dam: IC Agusha Arcadia Pride

"Ribbon" Sweet and gentle, she prefers to spend her days lounging or watching the others get into trouble. Very vocal with a beautiful coat and bushy tail. She makes a wonderful accessory to my furniture! 

Sire:  Salvador Kari Ochi of CRMaines

Dam: Prairiebaby Belinda of CRMaines

"Belinda" has retired from my breeding program and looking for her adoptive parents.  If you think you may be interested in a retired Queen, please contact me.

Sire:  Prairiebaby Alixander Romania

Dam:  Prairiebaby Cascada

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