What is a Maine Coon?

One big cat with an even bigger personality!  Muscular and large boned with females being slightly smaller weighing from 10-15lbs and males 15-25lbs. Having very large tufted paws which are used like scoops or hands, some having extra digits (polydactyl) are a common breed trait.  Lynx tipped ears, round eyes, strong square muzzle, longer hair on the ruff, stomach and britches, shorter on back and neck.  Friendly and intelligent, known as the gentle giants. Clownlike playful personalities, loving, curious and social.  Easily taught tricks and to walk on leashes, they socialize well with other animals and settle easily into "part of the family".  Which make them great family pets, they are the dog of the cat world.  Not known to be pesky but prefers to just "hang out" with it's family never content to be "the cat".  They have an affinity to water and can be found scooping the top of the water bowls before drinking or laying in the bathroom sink. Probably the most unique characteristic of the breed is their form of communication, soft chirps and trills, along with meows form their extended vocabulary.   


      Salvador at 13mths

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