Our Outlander Litter are all reserved to their new families.  Thank you so much!


Sire: Salvador Kari Ochi of CRMaines 

Dam: PrairieBaby Belinda of CRMaines 








Our Vikings Litter Are all reserved to their new families!

Sire:  Salvador Kari Ochi of CR Maines

Dam:  Psycatics Vanessa of CR Maines




 Remained with CRMaines

Showing and future Queen


 Remained in Missouri to a possible show home.

" Elsewith"

Is the apple of her Mom's eye and has been taught to fetch!


Has become King of his new family!


Remained at CRMaines for showing and future King!


 Is living in South Dakota with his new family, very much loved!

Our*Charlie's Angels*

litter has all been reserved!

Sire: Salvador Kari Ochi of CRMaines

Dam: Prairiebaby Belinda of CRMaines


.. and Charlie

The Angels




 * Charlie* 

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